Friday, November 2, 2018

Episode 18 - Lee Penn Sky

Walt and Lee Penn Sky
Walt and Lee in conversation
Yes, boys and girls, Measured Voices is back with a new episode. This time out, the little podcast that could sits down with Boise singer-songwriter Lee Penn Sky.

Lee and I recently sat down to talk about his musical background and about writing his first songs on bass guitar. We also talk about Mister Picasso Head. You'll have to listen to find out what that's about.

Lee tells us what brought him to Idaho and  recounts the harrowing story that freed him to pursue his music. He also talks about the influence of those experiences on his early songs.

We'll talk about Lee's band, The Oliphants, where the name came from, and what the band helped him replace in his life. We also get into the differences for him between solo performing and fronting a band.

Lee Penn Sky
Lee Penn Sky
Lee and I talk about how his songwriting and his singing have evolved over time. Lee also shares his thoughts on how the Boise music scene has changed since he moved here in 2001.

You'll definitely want to listen as Lee talks about the family discovery that took him to Israel and will soon take him back into the recording studio.

Along the way, Lee shares several of his songs: "Pirates and Scoundrels," from his album with The Oliphants, 29 Left Down; "Jump From The Train," from his soon to be recorded new CD, and "Jessie."

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Episode 17 - Lindzey Autumn

That's right boys and girls. Episode 17 is now out there in the world for everyone to hear.

Join me as I sit down with 21-year old singer-songwriter Lindzey Autumn. Over the course of 45-minutes, we'll talk about how she got started and on adjusting to life in Idaho after moving here several years ago from California.

We'll talk about her ability to tap into that "dark place" in order to write the songs she does and drawing upon her own personal experiences. Lindzey and I will also talk about her songwriting process, those "aha moments" that come all too infrequently, the types of songs she likes to cover, and the importance of lyrics.

We'll also get into other singers Lindzey's been compared to (Alison Krauss, anyone?), her challenge in trying to write happy songs, and the universality of melancholy songs. She discusses her own goals in music and talks about what's next, what she'd do if she wasn't writing and performing music, and the challenges of putting together a band.

Lindzey and I will also talk about her ability to sound older than her years, both in terms of her singing and in terms of her lyrics. She talks about what pain has taught her about life, and about her hopes of making music a full-time career.

Along the way, Lindzey also shares three of her songs, "Angel," "Good Luck," and "?."

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Episode 016 - Logan's Heroes & Between Disasters

Episode 16 of Measured Voices is here, boys and girls! (Just click the play button at the top of the page.) This episode has double the pleasure and double the fun as I sit down with Jesse Niebolt of the bands (that's right, plural) Logan's Heroes and Between Disasters.

Lippu (L) and Jesse Niebolt
During the first 30 minutes, Jesse is joined by his brother Lippu to talk about their duo, Logan's Heroes. We talk name origins, musical backgrounds, and musical style. (The brothers, their father, and their grandfather have one instrument in common.)

Jesse and Lippu also discuss their brotherly bond and the seemingly musical sixth sense they have because of that bond. We'll talk about their first ever show (Frozen figures prominently), their goals, and plans for recording. Jesse and Lippu also perform two Logan's Heroes tunes, "Ain't Got Time For That" and "Road Trip Song."

After that, Jesse stays at the mic and is joined by drummer Zachary Breuer and bassist Shawn Dirksen to talk about their trio, Between Disasters.

From L-R: Zachary, Jesse, and Shawn
Jesse talks about differences between the two bands. The three also talk about their influences, the band's origins (including how the name came about), and their approaches to songwriting and revision.

The band talks about the EP they released earlier this year and the reaction they've received. We wrap up by talking about possible plans for a full album, hopes for doing a music video, and a couple of upcoming shows. Between Disasters also performs two songs, "Make Our Own Way" and "Don't Give Up."

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Episode 015 - Tom Taylor

Boise singer-songwriter Tom Taylor won Star Search back in the day with his band, Moment of Silence. In Episode 15, Tom sits down with me to talk about that experience and what went wrong.

Past and present play a huge part in Tom's songwriting and singing styles. We talk about his influences and the evolution of his music through the years. We also talk about the importance of "being in the moment" for Tom, and he shares a bit of advice for aspiring songwriters and singers.

Tom talks about the differences between his recordings and his live performances, his approach to releasing new music, and how the collaboration for his upcoming CD came about. We also talk about how the new CD, Voodoo Moon, differs from Tom's past work and about the challenge of putting together a concept album at a time when artists are increasingly putting out singles.

Along the way, Tom shares a song that has yet to make it onto CD, "Just in Time," and performs "Heaven On Earth" from his current CD, Sailing In A Paper Boat. We close the episode with that CD's title track.

In two weeks time, episode 16 drops featuring two bands, Logan's Heroes and Between Disasters. The one thing they have in common, singer-songwriter Jesse Niebolt. I'll sit down with Jesse and members of those bands.

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Episode 014 - Bruce Michael Miller

Longtime Nashville songwriter and newly minted Idaho resident Bruce Michael Miller takes center stage in episode 14 of Measured Voices. We cover a lot of ground, so buckle up.

Bruce and I begin by talking about what brought him from Nashville to Twin Falls, which he now calls home. Later, he also discusses the music scene in Twin Falls and his efforts to help develop it.

Along the way, Bruce talks about the necessity of at least spending some time in a major music market, "broadening your horizons," as he puts it. He also talks about the "culture of excellence" in such markets and says bands and songwriters need to go to see where they fit and how they measure up, even if they don't decide to actually move there.

Bruce is just warming up. He talks about his influences and his love of collaboration, as well as why writer's block is not an issue for him. From there, we talk about Bruce's mentoring of other songwriters and how that has allowed him to cast a critical eye on his own writing, as if the song had been written by someone else.

Bruce and I talk about the magic of songwriting, his other "gig," recording demos of other people's songs for them to use to pitch those songs to other artists, and his love of producing. Bruce then discusses what keeps him writing, along with the importance of creativity.

We wrap things up by talking about Bruce's favorite memory of living and working in Nashville, his enjoyment of doing house concerts, and about staying positive. As I said, a lot of ground.

Episode 15 features Boise songwriter Tom Taylor. Years ago, Tom and the band he was in at the time won the grand prize on Star Search. Tom has a new album about to come out, so the timing is perfect for us to sit down and talk.

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Episode 18 - Lee Penn Sky

Walt and Lee in conversation Yes, boys and girls, Measured Voices is back with a new episode. This time out, the little podcast tha...