Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Heading Toward The End of Year One

Soon, it will have been a year since Measured Voices was launched. To help celebrate the one-year anniversary, I have a special episode - from the road - planned. Check it out in the promo above.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Episode 23 - Wendy Matson

I recently sat down with longtime Boise singer-songwriter Wendy Matson to talk about her music. In this episode, Wendy talks about her earlier career performing "commercial music." She also talks about how her songwriting evolved to help find her own voice.

Along the way, Wendy discusses other ways in which her songwriting has changed, how she categorizes her music (if she has to), learning to accept feedback from other songwriters, and performing therapeutic music. Wendy sees music and songwriting as spiritual experiences, and we'll talk about that a bit as well.

In recent months, Wendy has stepped beyond music (sort of) to dip her toes into the waters of invention and entrepreneurship. We'll talk about how necessity helped give birth to Wendy's creation.

Wendy will also share three of her original songs: "Who, What, Why and Where;" "Sea World" (both performed with Alan Maslac on flute); and "I'm Gonna Do It Till I Get It Right."

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Friday, December 28, 2018

Episode 22 - Scott Sprague

Thanks to an Internet outage here at the house, it was touch and go for a while whether the new episode would be on time. But thanks to the technological gods, Episode 22 is here, and it should be another good one.

This time out, I sit down with Scott Sprague of Innocent Man. In another wide-ranging interview (the kind your most humble host is becoming known for), Scott and I talk about the band's origins and the evolution of the band in the ten year since.

Most of the members of Innocent Man grew up in small towns, and Scott talks a bit about how that small town upbringing influences and flavors their music. Scott discusses how the sound and music of Innocent Man changed between the band's first album in 2013 ("Home Grown") and their second album in 2015 ("Slow Nights"), then he talks about what the band is doing different as it prepares to record and release a third album.

Of course, Scott and I will talk about songwriting, both in terms of his own approach and also in terms of how the process works in the band setting. Scott also talks about some of his musical heroes and about how they make their way into some of the songs he writes.

Innocent Man is known mainly for more uptempo songs, and Scott talks about how that tendency developed and also talks about how the band feeds off the energy of the crowd. That segues into talk about what Scott remembers as the band's most memorable performance.

We also make space to get a little philosophical, as Scott talks about balancing band life with work and family lives.

This is our last episode of 2018. We'll kick off 2019 with a conversation with longtime Boise songwriter Wendy Matson. Here's hoping you ring in your new year with some local music.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Episode 21 - Gayle Chapman

Welcome back, boys and girls! In time for the holidays, we're back with a fresh episode of Measured Voices.

In Episode 21, I sit down with singer-songwriter Gayle Chapman. At the start of her career, she spent two years as the keyboard player for Prince. (Yes, that Prince.) We'll talk about some of what she took away from that experience and touch on the work ethic of Prince. There will also be talk of a bologna sandwich. (It will make sense, I promise.)

Gayle will talk about her music and how it (or perhaps she) has changed through the years. We'll talk a little process and stream of consciousness and discuss why Gayle says reading is so important for songwriters.

Along the way, we'll talk influences (they're wide and varied), collaboration, and revision. Finally, Gayle talks about a project she's hoping to bring to fruition. (Yes, there is a bit of a Prince connection.) All of that and more, plus three of Gayle's tunes, in this edition of Measured Voices.

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Episode 20 - Naomi Psalm

It's the most wonderful time of the year! That's right, time for another episode!

Episode 20 features Naomi Psalm. Naomi sat down with me recently to talk about her music.

Along the way, Naomi and I talk about how she describes her music to others and listening to other songwriters and artists for ideas, inspirations, and approaches in her own music. Along the way, Naomi talks about her own approach to songwriting and the changes she has seen in Boise's music scene since arriving a decade ago.

We'll talk about why one song took Naomi five years to complete and about one woman's unexpectedly emotional response to another of Naomi's songs. We also discuss some possible directions Naomi would like to go with her music and talk about her hopes for getting back into the studio.

We wrap our conversation by talking about the changes in the music industry toward more release of singles versus full-length albums and the benefits of that for the independent artist. Plus, we talk a bit about Naomi's desire to do more co-writing.

Naomi performs three of her compositions: "Break My Fall," "Hole In The Carpet," and "Already Hit Send."

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Heading Toward The End of Year One

Soon, it will have been a year since Measured Voices was launched. To help celebrate the one-year anniversary, I have a special episode -...