Friday, August 23, 2019

Episode 39 - One Last Look Back

Episode 39 of the podcast is now available for your aural enjoyment. It marks the end of our look back. In all, there have been 34 episodes of original and new content.

In this episode, we look back at episodes 29 through 34 and feature conversation and music from Dustin Morris, Brandon Thomas, Michael Brown, Cary William White, Connor Jay Liess, and Wayne White. You'll find links to the full episodes for each artist below.

Measured Voices has been a great deal of fun, and I have enjoyed sitting down and talking with all of the artists featured. I've also enjoyed having the opportunity to hear some of their music. I hope you have as well.

While putting together the podcast has been fun and is a labor of love, it is also a fair amount of work. Because of that, I've decided to take some time off from working on the podcast. That time away will hopefully give me time to work on my own music and also line up guests for new episodes.

The current plan is to try to resume posting new episodes with the start of the new year. Check in with the podcast's Facebook page from time to time for updates.

In the meantime, I hope you'll check out some of the local songwriters living and working around the Treasure Valley. There are some truly fine songwriters and musicians who deserve your support, and I hope you'll give them a chance to win that support.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 29 - Dustin Morris
Episode 30 - Brandon Thomas
Episode 31 - Michael Brown
Episode 32 - Cary William White
Episode 33 - Connor Jay Liess
Episode 34 - Wayne White

Friday, August 9, 2019

Episode 38 - Some More Aural Time Travel

We continue looking in the rear-view mirror in Episode 38 of the podcast. If you missed the original episodes or simply want to listen them again in all of their glory. you'll find links to the complete episodes below.

This time out, excerpts from episodes featuring Scott Sprague of Innocent Man, Wendy Matson. Jonathan Warren and Dave Sather-Smith of Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, Timothy P. Swanson, Credenda, Noble Holt, and Michele McLaughlin.

Episode 39 will continue our backward look. Join us then.

Episode 22 - Scott Sprague
Episode 23 - Wendy Matson
Episode 24 - Jonathan Warren and Dave Sather-Smith
Episode 25 - Timothy P. Swanson
Episode 26 - Credenda
Episode 27 - Noble Holt
Episode 28 - Michele McLaughlin

Friday, July 26, 2019

Episode 37 - We're Still Living In The Past

With apologies to Jethro Tull, Episode 37 finds Measured Voices continuing its listen back at some of the music and conversation to grace the podcast.

This time around, excerpts of conversations with and music from Logan's Heroes, Between Disasters, Lindzey Autumn, Lee Penn Sky, Blaze and Kelly, Naomi Psalm, and Gayle Chapman. You'll find links below for the full episodes in case you'd like to check them out again or perhaps for the first time.

Episodes 38 and 39 will complete our summer reminiscing. After that, who knows? In the meantime, enjoy this listen back.

Episode 16 - Logan's Heroes/Between Disasters
Episode 17 - Lindzey Autumn
Episode 18 - Lee Penn Sky
Episode 19 - Blaze and Kelly
Episode 20 - Naomi Psalm
Episode 21 - Gayle Chapman

Friday, July 12, 2019

Episode 36 - In The Rear View Mirror

Welcome back! Episode 36 continues our look back at some of the music and conversation shared on Measured Voices and provides brief updates on the songwriters featured. This time around, we take a look back at episodes eight through 15.

This stretch of episodes was, arguably, the most diverse stretch for the podcast. These episodes featured a variety of music and styles from stripped down Americana to full-on country to New Age to layered, lush pop.

Links to the full episodes, in case you'd like to hear them for the first time or enjoy them again, can be found below. This look back will continue through the August 23 episode. At that time, a decision will be made regarding the future of the podcast.

As always, thanks for listening!

Full Episodes:
Episode 08 - Lynn Tredeau
Episode 09 - Rachel Leigh
Episode 10 - Dan Costello, Part 1
Episode 11 - Dan Costello, Part 2
Episode 12 - Dusty Leigh and The Claim Jumpers
Episode 13 - Corey James Grubb
Episode 14 - Bruce Michael Miller
Episode 15 - Tom Taylor

Friday, June 28, 2019

Episode 35 - Taking a Look Back

Putting together the episodes of Measured Voices over the last 16 months has been a labor of love. The podcast has also opened my eyes to the depth and breadth of songwriting talent in and around Idaho's Treasure Valley.

The upside of that is that there is a large pool of songwriters from which to search for guests for future episodes. The downside is that nearly everyone is hustling for gigs, and many of them have to travel far and wide to secure performance opportunities, which can make scheduling tough.

My current difficulty in lining up guests, coupled with the fact that it's summer, prompted me to decide this is the perfect time to take a look back while I decide what to do going forward. Over the next several weeks, I'll put together retrospective episodes sharing bits and pieces of the conversation that have taken place to date, along with some of the songs these songwriters have been gracious enough to share with me and you.

This first retrospective episode covers the first seven episodes of the podcast, one of those a two-parter. Links to the full episodes can be found below.

If you are a songwriter or know of one would be interested in being featured in a future episode, contact me via email at In the meantime, be sure to go out and support live local music and local songwriters.

Full Episodes:

Episode One: Concepts And Goals
Episode Two: Johnny Boy Kunk
Episode Three: Red Light Challenge, Part One
Episode Four: Red Light Challenge, Part Two
Episode Five: Fiona Luray
Episode Six: Steve Eaton
Episode Seven: Joseph L. Young

Episode 39 - One Last Look Back

Episode 39 of the podcast is now available for your aural enjoyment. It marks the end of our look back. In all, there have been 34 episod...